Organic Mosquito Treatment

Natural Organic Mosquito Treatment Maryland, Washington DC


When it comes to keeping your family safe from mosquitoes, you want to make sure that you're using something that's not only safe, natural, and effective, but good for the environment too.

Here at Baumann Lawn and Landscape we're committed to organic mosquito control that is safe for residential and commercial, and that truly allows our customers to enjoy the outdoors again.

How Does Our Organic Mosquito Control Work?

Our Mosquito Free Treatments work by pheromone inhibitor and a raspberry bi-solvent that triggers instant erosion and dehydrates the mosquito's exoskeleton, thereby killing the insect (Note: also works on fleas and gnats). For best results it's best to use on regularly scheduled basis during peak mosquito season.

Great for you, your children, your pets, as well as your guests as you enjoy your beautiful lawn with total peace-of-mind.

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