Ponds, Fountains, Water Features

Pond, Fountain, Waterfall Installers Montgomery County and Howard County


Here at Baumann Lawn and Landscape we design and install a variety of water features ranging from ponds and fountains, to waterfalls and more.  We’ve fabricate our  water features using a variety of materials like metal, stone, concrete and brick to create just the right look for any landscape, and can customize to any space.

Memorable, soothing, and beautiful, our water features can help to truly define your outdoor living space by providing a sense of sound and movement around which to relax and entertain.

We Install Koi Ponds, Outdoor Garden Fountains, Pondless Waterfalls & Other Water Features

Whether you want a pondless waterfall, an outdoor garden fountain, or a lush water garden in your backyard, you can trust our team to design and install the water feature of your dreams.

Common Water Features We Install Include:

  • Natural-looking waterfalls using river rocks and lush plantings
  • Water fountains in a variety of custom shapes and sizes
  • Koi ponds
  • Pondless waterfalls
  • Water gardens with lilies, ferns, lotus flowers, water hyacinth, and more!
  • Waterfalls that flow into a landscaped pool or swimming area

Interested in learning more? We'd be happy to assist you with planning and a Free Estimate. To get started just give us call at (301) 931-1984, or contact us here.